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As a fan of visual novels, I hope people are beginning to see that they can be called video games, and that they're not always about creepily seducing half-naked cat-eared women. I know this might be a very unfair criticism on some levels (after all, free games aren't designed with the intention of being huge games which will be played forever), but I also tend to do this in connection to a game that only has one ending as well, which I feel negates the issue a bit because these are games which are short and which offer little replay value.

Frosty Kiss can be best summed up as an epilogue to Everlasting Summer, being a very short visual novel (I got the first ending in about ten minutes) which features the main female cast of the game (no cat girl or male characters make an appearance) and the protagonist of the previous game just celebrating in the new year.

The story, which was really interesting, focused more on semyon's journey, which in my case, made me stop caring about the girls. Summary : A short story by the creators of Everlasting Summer. The company was ready for that however, and shortly after the release of Hell Girls, they implemented a very generous refund policy going past Steam's very own refund policy.

Even then, it takes a complete shift in setting, character, and even storytelling genre for Semyon and Miku to end up together. What we have is the down the rabbit hole” approach to storytelling, enhanced by how the summer and the camp's light atmosphere contrasts Semyon's crestfallen demeanor and lifestyle in the real world”.

Painted Heart combines lovely watercolor art, a sweet, funny story, and a battle system that could just as well be described as a puzzle game. Title : Everlasting Summer - Part 1: I hate it. Definitely playing more. I don't feel it detracted from the game at all, in all honesty, although I would certainly encourage people who want to play the game as intended to do so.

Summer Funland is a virtual reality game that allows players to explore the theme park of their dreams. Other than misspellings and some minimal dialogue left untranslated, the game's story is interesting, though doesn't quite explain what led to Semyon's week of living in the past (though maybe that was left on purpose for the player's imagination?).

It's the same character archetypes of the genre: cat girl (nekko), a girl who's angry all the time who grows fond of the protagonist (tsundere), a perfect angel” with stereotypical good looks and acts like a saint, a shy girl who is shy, FunnyCommentary and an adventurous underage girl who throws caution to the wind and inevitably sets something on fire.

Glad ArmorCritical made it on there, truly a timeless game which has been around since the 90's and was one of the first massive online multiplayer games. A visual novel telling the story of a young recluse who falls asleep on a bus in modern Russia and wakes up in a Soviet era summer camp.

Even Russian gamers themselves have a somewhat skeptical attitude towards locally produced video games. All things considered, there are very few bad things one can say about Everlasting Summer, except maybe that it's a tad too simple in regards to the player's role in the grand scheme of things.

She can be seen in some of the game's artwork, but she only appears in the story after very specific conditions are met, requiring more than one of the story's endings to be completed. We also urge any developer to carefully consider any partnerships with the company, given how they treat the games under their publishing branch.

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