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Easily record gameplay without capture card by using filmora scrn. Video game recording is one of the fastest growing entertainment enterprises in the modern world. Because of the faster USB 3.0 connection, you can expect less latency, and a video preview window that's closer to realtime. You can directly upload the footage video in youtube or twitch from within Roxio software.

The best capture card will allow you to seamlessly record and stream footage in HD from your computer or console. The HD60 S follows the exact same plug-and-play process: all I had to do was plug my PS4 into the unit, run a HDMI cable to my output to a screen, and make sure the USB cable was in a 3.0 slot.

PC and Windows-only - Seeing as it is an internal capture card, the Live Gamer HD 2 can obviously only be used with a PC. However, it only supports Windows versions from 8 and up, so those who have an older version of Windows or prefer Linux will be unable to use this card.

The HD60 S is not a huge upgrade over the HD60 , but if the amount of preview latency is of prime concern (see our hands-on video for a demonstration), you'll definitely notice the difference between this model, and the older, slightly less expensive model.

Supporting a bitrate of up to 40 Mbps, the Elgato Game Capture HD60 is perfect for streamers who want to produce quality videos. The capture card HD allows you to find the perfect balance between audio in game and your voiced commentary, and can automatically lower the volume of your game any time there is input from your microphone.

While many gamers don't record extended clips, the HD60 S makes the biggest difference when streaming. Presumably this means Elgato's new device will have no qualms when USB Type-C and its reversible plugs are the norm, although I didn't have any ports or cables on hand to test.

Instant Gameview ensures low latency streaming at all times. However, the Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket's ability to record video directly to a USB flash drive and its new ability to stream video to Twitch and YouTube via elgato fix the StreamEez utility means it has the edge.

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